Teh Gelang Jabrug 75gr

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Size: 75 gr/pcs

100% Organic Tea

SNI 6729:2016 (National Standard)
ICERT - 5073/LSO-009-IDN/9/19 (EU Certificate - Organic)
P-IRT No: 2103214020444-20

Teh Gelang Jabrug Sindangpanon is a 100% organic Gelang Tea from Sindang Panon Village, West Java, Indonesia. Premium authentic Indonesian Gelang Tea, made by traditional methods completely handcrafted with a premium signature aroma.

Teh Gelang Jabrug Sindangpanon provides relaxation, improves the immune system, helps reduce aches and pains, helps prevent chronic diseases, improves the digestive system, stimulates brain function and maintains weight.